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Commercial Framing

When framing a building, the materials you choose to use can make a difference to durability and strength down the line. Choosing great materials and craftsmanship is directly related to saving money on renovations down the line. Some of the framing materials offered by Pacific Coast Contractors include:

Commercial Framing Services

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Commercial Framing Contractors


In construction, framing refers to pieces of timber that are laid horizontally and vertically to support the structure’s weight. Wood is a good choice for this job, as it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. In areas with high moisture, wood may not have as much longevity as other materials; in most cases, however, it’s a more than suitable material choice.

Commercial Steel Framing Contractors

Steel Stud

For long-lasting durability, steel studs are the way to go. They’re perfectly straight, and won’t crack or split. These studs will last you a lifetime when properly installed, and no one is better suited for the task of installation than Pacific Coast Contractors.

Commercial Composite Framing Contractors


Pre-fabricated stud walls are modular sections of constructed walls that can be installed to fit any project. This method can be used to save you time and money in places where traditional methods may otherwise be used.


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