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Commercial Insulation

A well insulated building is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and cheaper all year round. Pacific Coast Contractors offers a variety of insulation services and materials, including:

Commercial Insulation Installation

Our Specialties

Commercial Fibre Insulation Contractors

Fibreglass Batts

Fibreglass is a common material used in insulation. Thick pads of fibreglass strands (‘batts’) are placed in empty spaces of a structure. Fibreglass is non-combustible, and does not absorb water, allowing for lower maintenance down the line. One of the most affordable insulation materials, fibreglass is most suitable for open spaces, such as attics or wall cavities.

Commercial Rockwool Insulation Installers

Rockwool Batts

Rockwool insulation is made from metal materials, spun to resemble a fibrous ‘wool’. It has a higher ‘R-Value’ (a measurement system for thermal resistance of insulation) than fibreglass, making it a slightly superior material. Additionally, most rockwool batts are primarily recycled materials.

Commercial Cotton Insulation Installation

Cotton Batts

Made from post-consumer cotton materials, cotton, or denim, batts are an environmentally friendly way to insulate your home. The material is treated to be flame retardant, as well as to prevent water absorption.

Commercial Loose Fibre Insulation Installation

Loose-fill Fibreglass

Loose-fill fibreglass is a material used for non-uniform areas that need to be insulated. When a rectangular batt won’t work for a cavity, loose-fill fibreglass will fill in all empty space. Pacific Coast Contractors are experts at choosing which insulation materials and forms to use.

Commercial SIP Insulation Installation

Polyisocyanurate SIPs

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a man-made material, comprised of a foam core. These panels are highly customizable, depending on the specified project, and have more than double the ‘R-Value’ of fibreglass and rockwool insulation.

Commercial Foam Insulation Contractors

Open-cell Polyurethane Spray Foam

For areas with lower moisture, open-cell polyurethane spray foam is a great choice to completely insulate a cavity. Open-cell spray foam has a higher R-Value than fibreglass and rockwool, and is a great choice for reducing noise from a room or building.


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