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Commercial Siding

The material you choose for a building’s siding can say a lot about the rest of its features. Architectural details and paint colours can all be affected by the surface coating of your building. Some of the materials offered by Pacific Coast Contractors include:

Commercial Siding Contractors

Our Specialties

Commercial Vinyl Siding Installation


Looking to inexpensively improve your commercial property’s exterior appearance? Vinyl siding is a versatile, and durable, material choice. From wood textures to contemporary colours, vinyl siding offers the greatest flexibility in the end ‘look’ of your building.

Wood Siding Installation


Wood siding adds a natural beauty to your commercial property not found with other materials. Pacific Coast Contractors ensures the highest possible quality of our wood siding, no matter the finish or colour you’re looking for.

Fibreglass Siding Installation

Fibre Cement

Fibre cement siding allows you to have the natural aesthetic of wood or stone, without compromising on durability. It’s almost impervious to rot, burning, and pests like termites, making fibre cement one of the most cost-effective home siding materials on the market.

Commercial Stucco Siding


Stucco, a combination of different mineral materials, is applied to a building in layers, similar to plaster or cement. The end result is low-maintenance, and does wonders in insulating. The traditional look of stucco means that you don’t have to compromise between function and form.

Commercial Brick Siding Installation


Simple, durable, and time-tested, brick is an excellent choice for nearly any commercial property’s siding. The material’s upkeep is minimal, meaning you can enjoy the traditional aesthetic of your property for years to come.

Commercial Synthetic Stone Siding

Synthetic Stone

Synthetic stone siding is one of the most simple materials to install. Usually working in interlocking pieces, this siding can simply be installed in sections, minimizing your workload. Pacific Coast Contractors can help you to choose the perfect synthetic siding for your project.


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