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Residential Drywall

When completing an interior construction or renovation, drywall materials can make a big difference in durability. Depending on the kind of conditions it will be exposed to, you’ll need to choose the right type of drywall. Pacific Coast Contractors can help you to select and install drywall of all kinds, including:

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Residential Drywall Services


When constructing or replacing walls, precision and expertise can make all the difference when it comes to the finished product. Let Pacific Coast Contractors help you add the perfect finishing touches to your interior renovation.

Residential Moisture Resistant Drywall Installation


In bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas that experience high humidity, moisture-resistant drywall can extend the life of your renovation. Using materials that have been tried and tested within the industry, Pacific Coast Contracting will provide a quality installation of moisture-resistant drywall that will last for years to come.

Residential Mould Resistant Drywall Installation


Using specialized coating materials, our mold-resistant drywall keeps moisture out. This technology saves you from time-consuming and costly problems with mold or mildew down the line.

Residential Fireproof Drywall Services


Fire-resistant drywall is available in different ratings, allowing for your safety and peace of mind. No matter your needs, Pacific Coast Contracting can help you to find a drywall material that is suitable for your project and for your budget.

Residential Soundproof Drywall Services


Depending on the type of building, soundproof walls may be necessary for the comfort of your neighbours, to comply with noise regulations, or for recording purposes. Whatever the reason, Pacific Coast Contractors can help you in the choosing and installation of soundproof drywall material.

Residential Paperless Drywall Installation


To reduce the risk of mold growth in traditional drywall, paperless materials have been introduced. Like regular drywall, paperless uses a gypsum core, but utilizes fibreglass as a wrapping. This drywall layout reduces the threat posed to your walls by mold and mildew.

Residential Paperless Drywall Installation


Pacific Coast Contractors offers eco-friendly drywall options that can be reused and recycled down the line. These materials don’t compromise on strength and durability, letting you have confidence in the quality of your next project.


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