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Residential Gutters

Living on the West Coast, you’re no stranger to heavy rain. Gutters and drainage systems are one of the most important parts of keeping your property in top shape. A quality water drainage system protects you from mold, leaks, and structural damage down the line.

Residential Aluminium Gutter Installation

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Residential EPDM Gutter Installation


Aluminum is the most common material used in gutters for homes and commercial buildings. It’s a low weight, low-maintenance metal, is available in dozens of colours, and can last for up to thirty years.

EDPM Gutter Installation


EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a newer technology used to create a watertight membrane on your roof. The material is flexible, as well as durable to extreme temperature change and UV light. If your project has a more complicated roof and needs a customized drainage solution, Pacific Coast Contractors’ EPDM gutters could be right for you.


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