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Residential Railings

Railings aren’t just a safety concern, they can add symmetry and beauty to outdoor spaces, such as walkways or decks. There are lots of material options for railings provided by Pacific Coast Contractors, including:

Residential Railing Contractor

Our Specialties

Railing Installation


A timeless, natural material, wood railings provide an authentic look to any outdoor area. With some regular maintenance, wooden railings can provide years of security and beauty to the exterior of your home.

Residential Aluminium Railing Installation


An aluminum railing is one of the best choices for the longevity of your project. It won’t rust or deteriorate with temperature changes – and its appearance requires practically zero maintenance. Pacific Coast Contractors can help you choose the location and finish of an aluminum railing on your property.

Residential Glass Railing Contractors


Glass railings are a beautiful choice to provide some security to an elevated deck or balcony. Pacific Coast Contractors only use the most durable glass and railing materials to provide elegance to your property for years to come.

Residential Composite Railing Contractors


Environmentally friendly and low maintenance, composite railings will last practically indefinitely. Let us help you find the perfect spot on your property for a composite railing system.


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