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Residential Windows

Whether for utility or for style, every home needs windows. The placement and style of these windows is different in every home, which is why Pacific Coast Contractors offers great variety for any project:

Residential Window Installation

Our Specialties

Residential Double Window Installation

Double hung

A double hung window has two operating pieces, allowing it to be opened from the top, bottom, or both, depending on your ventilation needs. Pacific Coast Contractors can help you to find the perfect place in your home for this versatile window.

Residential Window Casements


This window type is defined by an attachment to the window frame by one or more hinges, allowing it to swing open. These can be installed singularly, or in pairs, for a more symmetrical look.

Residential Awning Window Installation


An awning window is similar to a casement style, but hinges at the top. This allows the window to swing open, providing ventilation without allowing rain or winds to enter your home.

Residential Picture Window Installation


If you are looking to take advantage of a gorgeous view from your home, a picture window is a great way to offer an unimpeded view, as though you were ‘framing a picture’. Pacific Coast Contractors can help you to find the perfect area to place one of these windows in your home.

Residential Transome Window Contractors


A transome window is a stylistic addition, usually placed above doors or a larger window. Also called fanlights, these windows can be a great way to let in some extra light, or spruce up a plain exterior wall.

Residential Stationary Window Installation


Like a picture window, a stationary window is glazed directly into the flame and does not open. These are usually used to allow light into a room, or provide a view of the outdoors.

Residential Bay Window Installation


Bay windows are a beautiful way to open up a room. By projecting outside of an external wall, a bay window essentially turns one wall of a room into an exquisite viewpoint. Pacific Coast Contractors can help you to find the perfect place in your home for this timeless addition.


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